I've founded one technology company, one international arts & culture festival, and worked on a number of different teams around the world.



In 2013, I founded NuMundo, a technology startup dedicated to connecting people to meaningful experiences to facilitate personal transformation and accelerate the development of impact centers and regenerative culture worldwide.

Through my own exploration, I have found numerous hubs globally that are examples of sustainable and holistic living, producing practical, low-cost solutions to the global climate crisis. These hubs incorporate ideals like community living, whole systems design, appropriate technology, seed banking, holistic health, and regenerative enterprise. Through the NuMundo platform, I envision these impact centers becoming more accessible to the world and easily sharing crucial information and resources.

We believe that a travel journey that takes us outside of our comfort zones is often the first step in expanding our worldview, finding a global community, and experiencing the simplicity and liberation of living without many possessions. Transformational travel takes this concept a step further through exposure to projects that will replace one’s societal conditioning with a whole new way of being. Through our platform and shared media, we are empowering people who are unfulfilled in their lives to take a journey that will ignite a new life-changing path.

Our team is enthusiastic about building a global movement of passionate people and land stewards to co-create a thriving planet for us and future generations.

Our team has been through two accelerator programs, Startup Chile and the Batchery. We've worked on the ground with ecovillages and communities in the USA, Mexico, Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Costa Rica to co-produce events in a variety of settings. We've worked with the University of Southern California's Marshall Business School, Masters Program for Social Entrepreneurship (MSSE) to create unforgettable experiences. I've been invited to speak on behalf of NuMundo at the Kiwa Investment Summit in Ecuador, Bioneers Conference in California, Boom Festival in Portugal, and a number of other international events.

As the acting CEO, my roles with NuMundo currently include executive management, fundraising, business development, facilitation, project management, talent recruiting, event production, and creative direction, and ensuring that the company's vision is maintained as our organization grows and evolves.




Erika Logie
Creative Director


Lukas Sommer


Sara Johnstone

Just after the 13 Bak'tun turning of the Mayan calendar on 21 December 2012, I initiated the Cosmic Convergence Festival with a number of co-founders, both Guatemalan and international. The Cosmic Convergence Festival is a 4-day gathering, celebrating Mayan culture and conscious living set in the remote highlands of Guatemala. 

The festival hosts a diverse array of music, performances, workshops, art installations, local foods, healing, ancient Mayan traditions, ecological and social impact activities, in one of the most breathtaking landscapes, Lake Atitlan, Guatemala. It is a convergence of past, present, and future, designed to provoke a shift in consciousness to rethink what lifestyles are possible today. Attendees also be explore a variety of activities around Guatemala's indigenous people, conscious market, kid-areas, as well as pre & post "Journeys", curated experiences that let our community explore Guatemala and its culture.

As an executive producer, I've worn almost every hat. Currently, my focuses are to set the concept and vision for the event and manage a core production team to adhere to guidelines, budget-planning, booking international and national artists, recruiting and coordinating an international staff and volunteer crew, development of marketing material and management of international promotion campaigns, on the ground operations in all its forms, and interfacing with local municipal authorities, community organizations, and non-profits. Other roles I've performed include logistics & destination management, water systems management, and a whole lot more.

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